Rameesha Azeem
Rameesha Azeem, b. 1996 in Pakistan, is a Visual Artist. Her practice encompasses two and three dimensional works oscillating between various organic and inorganic materials. Her interests revolve around the physicality of the human body, encapsulating sociological, sexual and philosophical ideologies. She has taught art in primary school alongside gaining her higher education in Fine Arts. Being on scholarship and on the Dean’s honour list, she has completed her undergraduate degree from Beaconhouse National University in Lahore. The work revolves vaguely around the idea of the existence of body. The idea of transformation of the being thus its divulgence into ambiguous visual forms. The work also takes its flow towards the dismantling of the physicality of a body and its relation with death hence the visual oscillates from representation to a certain degree of abstraction. 

The work draws from the range of sources, clinical to morbid, juxtaposed with certain structures from the city, creating a contrast with the fragility of a personal body to the infrastructural bodies already existing in the public realm.The process and the transfer of the idea leads to a peculiar style of the making work that may be seductive/ repulsive, male/female and organic/manmade. The colour palette range from flesh like colours to leaving it in a rotten form. Interested in the materials coinciding and in conflict with the relationship of body I have a tendency to use cloth, latex, wax, metal, ceramic.I am trying to challenge stereotypical perceptions of body in elegant yet unconventional forms through my work I try to explore its flaccidness and brittleness. My combinations emphasise yet simultaneously dissolve the contrast between organic depiction to unnatural forms. The uncanny representations also forge a sense of ambiguity hence anxiously blurring the boundaries of sexuality of ourselves as singular and stable beings, bridging the gap between conscious to unconscious mind. This inevitably leads to grotesque visual experience yet engaging. In the process to search for ways to beautify work I tend to master certain skills which are captivating to the eye.
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